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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

newton's first law of motion seems to apply more to life than science.

so for anyone out there who never actually paid attention in physics, never actually took physics, or doesn't really care about physics, Newton's first law of motion basically states that an object in motion will stay in motion. Welcome to my day today. Everything kept getting worse and worse and worse. My mood was like a ball at the top of a really, really, really steep hill when the Santa Anna winds swept through. Let's walk through the disaster step by step.

1. got about 3 hours of sleep because insomnia decided to move into my head and make a permanent home. so instead of sleeping, i sat in bed trying to justify the things happening in my life at the moment and finally came to the conclusion that people just suck.

2. left late to go to Starbucks, hoping a carmel apple spice and a coffee cake would distract me from my failure at justification. of course i get cut off by Sargent slow poke and i try to get around him to make up for lost time. so as i go to switch lanes he decides he is going to also, so i switch back- oh wait he does too. So this little un-amusing game went on for about half a mile. then Sargent slow poke got promoted to admiral asshole. he thought it would be funny to take an entire cup of soda and dump it out his window- knowing it would splatter across my windshield. Then he decides to flip me off a few times, but 6:30 AM is way to early for birds to be making an appearance.

3. i finally get to Starbucks. they spell my name wrong- again. you'd think that by now, considering I've gone in there about 5-6 times a week for the past year, they'd know how to spell my name. well they don't. 


so after i leave Starbucks with my cold carmel apple spice and half eaten coffee cake, i walk to my car with my friend and we try to fend for ourselves against the wind. as she opens her car door, the wind decides it's going to help her. too bad the wind over blew and slammed her car door into mine. now my car has a lovely battle wound. just a long scratch and dent. no big deal. you can only see it from china. it's not her fault though. the wind is just an ignorant son of a bitch. mother nature- i expect you to pay for the damages. 

4. i get in my car and drive to school- i have about 10 minutes to get there and its about a 4 minute drive. I'm thinking I'm totally fine. but no. the light decides its going to make us wait for 11 minutes as i watch all the other kids get to school on time and all i can do is sit. I'm the most impatient person. so telling me to sit still when that's not what i should be doing is like telling a car not to go when the light is green. it's so unnatural and annoying.

5. because I'm stuck at the light for so long, i have to park in frickin Taiwan in the parking lot and it takes me another 8 minutes just to walk to class. I'm just ranking up the minutes. i walk in about 10 minutes late to my first class. great. if anyone knows me- i hate being late. i hate it. i think it draws unnecessary negative attention to you and i just hate it.

** side note** my drink spilled all over me when i was walking to class because somehow the wind formed a tornado, forcing the drink to pour up and out of my cup onto me. cool. 

and you can just imagine how great of a day I've been having ever since. just pure joy.

Dear Santa Anna Winds- Blow me.

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