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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

casual my ass.

now a days we just want everything to be simple. we don't want to have to walk into a restaurant to get our food, so we go to the drive through. we don't want to have to get up to change the channel, so we use the remote. we like to do things how and when they are convenient to us. it's just a character flaw of society. we like things casual.

but i have a big problem with casual. being casual can apply to the way you dress- casual attire: jeans and a t-shirt; the place you eat- stonefire grill, panera, etc.; but in applying the word casual to relationships, you actually make them more complicated than you think. because casual is so laid back and so vague, the lines are so blurry that it's hard to decipher where they are or if they even exist.

the first line that needs to be established: the definition of dating. i hate the term dating because it is so ambiguous. dating can mean there is an established- facebook official- relationship between 2 people. dating can mean 2 people are exclusive- but no title. dating can mean that 2 people are going on dates with absolutely no commitment to each other whatsoever. whoever thought it would be a brilliant idea to use one word to mean so many different things really deserves to be bitch slapped because i'm pretty sure that he is responsible for the majority of confusion headaches, late night thought frenzies, and misread signals in the universe. and yes i am assuming that it is a "he" who is responsible because it's usually guys who like the fact that the term is so ambiguous because girls generally will conform to the guy's definition.

so much for "casual dating." i don't know if dating can ever be casual. because casual dating implies that there is no commitment and that either party can date other people at the same time. but last time i checked, you only continue to go out on dates with someone that you like or are interested in and, i don't know about anyone else, but my mind is to busy thinking about half the things i need to get done before i take another breath to even be interested in more than one person. so therefore casual dating ends up in accidental exclusivity.

this is why i hate the terms casual and dating. the ambiguity between both words makes it almost sinful to even use them together in the same sentence, let alone the same term.