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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Girls aren't the only things that can be compared to Italian Sports Cars.

Talents are like cars. 

Some people have talent like an Italian sports car with a turbo ultra high horse power engine. Like this one:

Other people have talent like this piece of crap:

But the point is... talent ranges. Some people are just lucky enough to be the best at everything. Other people are given little to work with, but the ingredients are not necessarily equivalent to the final product. Rarely ever in science do the reactants equal the products. Just hope that in harvesting your talent, an exothermic reaction will occur.

Just because you start off looking or sounding like crap, does not mean you will end up looking and sounding like crap. It takes a lot of effort and practice to get good at something. It takes even more time and effort to become a genius at it. I've been vocally trained for over 11 years and I still am no where near as good as I want to be.  But I keep working on it.

I believe that talent is something you are born with. I think everyone is talented at something; whether it be school, music, sports, or socializing- everyone is born with a knack for something. But if talent isn't well taken care of or nurtured, it will not be as valuable as it could be.

Just because you are born with talent like the 1st car, doesn't mean your talent couldn't end up looking like this car:

And Just because you are born with talent looking like the 2nd car, doesn't mean your talent can't end up looking like this car:

So just stay determined and do what you love because you love it. The best talent always stems from passion, because from passion comes effort and effort is the best determiner for success.

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